Am no master chef, but I can cook, so you certainly wouldn’t starve with me as your host.

I definitely don’t consider myself to be a great cook by any means. Nor do I have much ambition to become one.

Am totally fine with simply being able to cook up something tasty and filling.

I can prepare a lot of dishes. As long as they aren’t complicated.

The dish I can prepare the fastest is spaghetti and lots of variants thereof.

I don’t enjoy cooking just for myself.

Zuzana is very active and basically took over our kitchen, so I cook a lot less often than I used to.

In my previous relationship I was the cook and I prepared dinner almost every day. There were never any complaints, so I suppose I can prepare decent food, even though I would be the first contestant to be eliminated in any kind of reality TV cooking contest.

I can cook anything with pasta and lots of traditional Belgian meals.

For anything more complicated I would need a very clear recipe, lots of time and a whole lot of patience and focus. Which means: the proper motivation, cause with my ADHD I can only focus on an activity that requires lots of attention to detail if my reason for doing it is driving me forward like a maniac.

If you’re ever in Bratislava hit me up. I’ll gladly throw a simple meal together. It won’t be worse than what you can get at most Slovak restaurants. (It won’t better either though…)

So what is your signature instant dish?


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