First of all I visualize going down deep into my subconsiousness. This can be done by visualizing a staircase and lots of steps, an elevator or even one of those poles fire fighters slide down from. Which is what I tend to use now.

Visualize yourself arriving. I arrive in slightly flooded catacombs full of people and images that played some role in my life.

Now I focus on my energy and my power.

This takes the shape of red balls.

Then I look for them. Who has them? Where did I leave them?

A very important one ended up with a woman named Luna.

I tear it out of her hands.

I also collect some other ones.

One by one I push them against my chest and my heart swallows them.

I FEEL this happening. I swear.

Am doing this at least once a day.

I have noticed it helps me fall asleep faster. Helps me to fight off painful thoughts and painful images and very painful memories.

It’s simple.

Try it.

I have given a hell of a lot of my power away, just like that, for free.

No more.

Am taking it back.

Especially from this woman called Luna, but in smaller doses also from other people and attachments. It’s definitely not just people I have freely given my power to, out of neediness, out of lack of self-confidence, out of pure self-loathing and out of dissapointment with who I am, what I have, what I do and where I am in life.

No more.

I can list some other changes, but I will do so in a different blog post.

I feel a mix of shame and liberation writing about this and I hope it helps someone who’s also suffering.

You can always contact me to discuss this and other stuff.


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