I got you some of your favorite things, but in miniature form. We hid the train under a blanket and the rest in your tunnel. Oh man, the joy on your face! Better than anything I have ever experienced, though there are a few moments in my life, from before you were born, that can compete.

Seeing you so happy made me realize what a rare sight that is. One never sees satisfied, content people anymore. I never see any adult smile without surmising there must be heaps of despair, anguish, pain and dashed hopes behind that smile. The kind of smile that requires some effort. Yours is pure and effortless and that’s a real treat.

A break from thinking about maternity wards being bombarded a few hundred miles away and – some – Ukrainians trying to get NATO involved in their local war. Plus an oversized buffet of other eyebrow raising shit. Like some European males eagerly offering their homes as a safe haven to fleeing Ukrainians, but only if they are young, hot and female and preferably childless. Makes me wonder if we all turn into predators if the opportunity arises. The older I get the more grateful I am every time I meet good people, something that does happen regularly.

Oh, by the way, this may surprise you, but am not just filling my head with war news. I am listening to audiobooks that give tips on how to be happier. I can prove it.


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