Don’t believe anything Ukraine says. The ghost of Kiev? An instant fighter ace who reportedly shot down several Russian war planes over Kiev? Never happened. Some footage of supposed battlefield successes turned out to be scenes taken from… video games. The Ukrainians are also violating the Geneva convention by filming their prisoners of war. One reason you’re not allowed to do that is that this can then be used for propaganda purposes. That’s precisely what the Ukrainians are using those videos for. What those young Russian soldiers say in captivity, sometimes shackled to chairs, cannot be trusted. They will say anything their captors want them to say. John McCain was used by the North-Vietnamese in similar fashion when his plane was shot down. Calling the mothers of these Russian soldiers while terrorizing them and violating their rights as prisoners of war is cruel psychological torture. No matter what the Russians are doing this should not in any way give the Ukrainians a free pass to act like thugs and criminals. It’s disturbing the media tends to focus on what Russia is doing wrong while mostly ignoring what the Ukrainians are doing.

The Russian attack is becoming more brutal. Yesterday they hit a maternity ward. Some women got injured WHILE GIVING BIRTH. Imagine having to bring your child into this world in a building that’s exploding.

Events on the ground indicate that no major changes have occured over the past few days. The Russians continue to try and seal off Kiev. Their supply lines are still vulnerable and it looks like these are continually being harassed. This seems to be a stalemate.

Fears that gas may be used in the coming days are legitimate. Either the Russians will use gas to flush out the defenders of Kiev and other cities or – more likely according to me – the Ukrainians will use gas against some of their own people and then blame it on the Russians to get much more international support. The public is already being prepared for an event like this by suggesting the Russians will use gas and then blame the Ukrainians of staging a false flag attack to smear the Russians. If gas is indeed used it will probably be very hard to determine who is behind it. Just like happened in Syria.