If US leaders really cared about Ukrainians they would have made them a NATO member years ago. Or they could have brokered a deal in which Ukraine vowed to be neutral forever. With NATO guarantees that if Russia ever violated that neutrality it would immediately rush to its aid full on. There are things the US could have done to appease the Russians. The word appeasement has a bad ring to it, because appeasement politics failed to stop Hitler back in 1939. I am convinced some US leaders are happy about Russia’s attack in Ukraine. It’s the ultimate excuse to isolate Russia still further, to sell more weapons and to export energy to Europe.

The US is letting the Ukrainians bleed for American interests. You can expect overt AND covert American aid to start flowing into Ukraine. In doing so they are protracting the suffering and making Ukraine’s death rattle sound more loudly. Ukrainian blood will flow, but they’ll get western weapons. This is war by proxy. The game hasn’t changed since 1945. The Russians gave the North-Vietnamese modern weaponry to use against the Americans and the US gave Stinger rockets to the mujahideen in Afghanistan to down Soviet helicopters. This led to what we see today: an Afghanistan run by medieval war lords who love raping little boys chained to their beds. Yes, really. It’s a Taliban hobby to keep young boys around for sexually deranged exploitation. If Ukraine wins this war the Neo-Nazi influence -vehemently denied by the west – will be even stronger. The US does not give a shit.