Talk about a no fly zone should be a serious source of concern. Zelensky is trying to manipulate the West into organizing such a no fly zone through emotional appeals. As a former actor he is quite good at delivering those. This is the same person who awarded medals to Ukrainians who killed people in the separatist areas. We should stop thinking that some nations are entirely innocent and some other nations are mere nests of evil vermin, because this black and white fairy tale is what the western media are brewing every day.

The people dying in this war – on both sides – are dying because greater powers seek to benefit from this conflict. US leaders, Russian leaders and Ukrainian leaders have been bickering for years. When you get to the bottom of it, it’s all about money, influence, establishing a hegemony and everybody involved seeking to cash in. Just look at the lucrative cushy job Joe Biden’s son got in Ukraine in the immediate aftermath of the 2014 coup.

A no fly zone means Russian planes clashing with Nato planes. We all know what this would lead to.