Russia has made several tactical mistakes. It underestimated its enemy. Not enough force has been brought to bear on Ukraine. This was not a shock and awe campaign. Further slowing down their effort is genuine concern to limit civilian casualties. They are clearly ok with some civilians dying, including children. This is enraging and the world should be shocked. The world should also be shocked every time the US, Israel and other countries kill children. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Israeli leaders all have blood on their hands as well. 

What Russia is doing is wrong, but this does not mean Russia has done nothing to avoid more civilian casualties. There have been reports that Russia even refused to bomb Ukrainian soldiers in their barracks. 

Now that their campaign risks getting bogged down these concerns will become less and less strong. 

We can expect more bombing, the use of heavier weapons and siege warfare, including urban combat. 

It will take time, but barring some dramatic international reinforcement of the Ukrainian army, the Russian army will take Kiev. 

An American commander in Vietnam once said something like: We had to destroy the village in order to save it. 

This will happen to Kiev and other cities as well. Hopefully women and children will be evacuated. It seems Russia is giving them that chance. This is a war, it’s a terrible thing. Russia has inflicted lots of trauma upon Ukraine and the world, but it’s not the pure evil villain the media makes it out to be.