Woke up at 4.15 am because of a nightmare. Having a vivid nightmare means my system is processing hurtful events, healing and/or preparing me for something. Nightmares transform traumatic events and are like ‘harmless’ stress tests. Still, even realizing what they are they don’t become pleasant.

With war raging in Ukraine there is concern that Ukraine’s nuclear plants may get damaged. I don’t know that much about nuclear plants, but I do know things can go horrifically wrong with these things. Rockets or artillery fire could – at least I think so – cause some nuclear disaster. Chernobyl 2.0.

I was about your age when Chernobyl happened. I don’t remember the event itself, but I remember discussions about which areas were contaminated.

We’re not that far from Ukraine, so am worried about radiation or the effects of it getting closer to you. At this point I don’t think the war will come to Slovakia, but hey, I also thought Putin was too smart to attack Ukraine.

To compare: I am more worried about the potential consequences of the war in Ukraine than I ever was about Covid.

The world has been shaken some big hits since the time you were born. I have the impression we are slowly – ever so slowly – reaching some kind of boiling point. I hope all the fear, despair and frustration people have been feeling will lead to some spiritual awakening and we will question the way we have been doing this. We ALL have a set of values that is creating an environment of isolation, mental distress, obsession with ourselves and ‘success’, being busy, busy, busy to ‘earn’ our place in this world and so on. Have I just expressed hope? Yes, I have. Am really not even half as negative as I seem. Of course, you know that, cause when I see you I am always smiling.


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