The silly point to end all discussions: Zelensky has jewish ancestors, therefore there cannot be any neo-nazi influence in Ukraine. Hey, John F. Kennedy was a Catholic. The KKK does not like Catholics, therefore there can not have been any active KKK members in the US during his presidency. Flawless logic. Belgium had the first openly gay Prime Minister in the world, therefore there are no homophobes whatsoever in all of Belgium. Slovakia has a female president, therefore there is zero misogynist influence in all of Slovakia.

I can go on and on and on, but you get my point. This is the intellectual level of our media.

First of all, you don’t have to hate jews to be a fascist. It’s just one historical characteristic of fascism and almost only true for German fascism. You can be for a Führerprinzip, you can want people to work like crazy at all times, you can be a gun loving violent insecure bald man in combat boots and sweatpants who secretly prefers to suck dicks and not lick vaginas who suppresses this urge so much that one has to hate openly gay men. All that is possible and all that would make you a typical neo-nazi. No need for any jew bashing. You can cook gulash with carrots or without, it’s still gulash.

Second of all, politicians with nazi sympathies even with anti-semite convictions could still support a jewish president simply to make themselves look good. All people are capable of opportunism and pragmatism.

Zelensky being jewish says NOTHING about any fascist influence in Ukraine.