There are people with a calling. There are people without a calling.

If you have a calling there is an intensity to life that the ones without that calling never experience. If you have a calling you of course care a lot about something other than yourself. That makes you more vulnerable than the ones without that calling. The ones without a calling just play the game of life by the book. They are the ones who stand on the sidelines while the human story is unfolding. They are usually safer and live more tranquil lives, but you could also assume they do very little living and inspire nobody. I don’t know why some people have a calling, some even have more than one, and why some have no calling and just go along with the crowd every time, all the time. The whole time that I was chasing money I didn’t want to see that real wealth is only in that calling. I would never want to swap a calling for a contented life without one.


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