I often share my deepest personal feelings on this website. I do this for many different reasons. One of them is to show other like minded souls that they are not alone. I think I do this in a way that makes me extremely vulnerable, but I do it anyway because my goal is to really show what the human experience is like, at least for me. I think it helps some people to better understand their own experience of life.

Especially the letters to Boddah are very honest and open.

I am often dismissive of and derogatory about my own writing. Someone has recently pointed out to me that there is a lot of value, inspiration, comfort and soothing info in those posts.

At the same time I have come to see that some people do not deserve to have access to that content.

From now on all posts I write myself will be protected by a password.

In case you want to have the password write me via rigoreobstinato@hotmail.com. If you state your reasons for requesting the password I will charge a one time fee for it (then I know you seriously wish to have access). Trust me, it’s not going to make me rich.

All the best,