I often ask myself this question. Am convinced the answer to this question is what you should really be writing. I know I would still write on a deserted island. Unfortunately I would probably just keep a diary and not even a detailed one. I might entertain myself by writing something on how the Confederacy could have won the American Civil War. I might write something about my peculiar, rather unusual relationship (or should I say ‘addiction to’?) with women. I might, purely to feed my own fascination, write about how I think our economy and society function. I might try to write a story about a man and a woman. Something like the movie 5 to 7, but with more sex and more self-analysis on the part of the characters. But maybe I would never finish anything. And that thought and these conclusions drive me to despair.

Because if I never finish anything I might as well not write and go do something else. Although giving up on writing equals death to me. Sounds pathetic, but that’