Hey, my German is pretty good, but I want it to be perfect. So once a week I am the student, not the teacher. It’s also fascinating to experience private lessons from the perspective of the students. It helps me see what works and what doesn’t work in class.

Topics covered:

– the rise of right wing parties in Europe, but specifically in Belgium with people such as Tom Van Grieken, see the pic with the narcissistic pose above

– shit we go through with students, both positive and negative

– a bit of history

– migration and integration

– the disastrous impact of social media

– also vaguely touched upon: how hard it is to make friends in this digital age (my position is well known: friendship is dead and buried, if it ever really existed. Pleasant relationships are possible, but not what I see as true friendship)

After the lesson I contacted a journalist to see if my teacher can land a job as a journalist. I like to help, cause I like being helped. And I train myself to appreciate success. If you envy other people’s success you block your own.

So, 9,5 more working hours to go now. Started at 7 am, an online English lesson.