They are getting fat. Crave sugar because of the stress. Because of doing a thousand little things per day that they don’t really want to do.

They dream of things they will never do.

To feel important they are perpetually fighting to show that they are not stupid. The have to be seen as hard-working and smart and in control. People always try the hardest to appear to be what they are not.

Often asking the world for love that their parents didn’t give them, but in a way that makes people like them less and never satisfies. Welcome to ‘the realm of the hungry ghosts’, as Gabor Maté would put it.

They compare themselves to their colleagues. The slightest advantage someone has makes them nervous and envious.

At home they need to block out the daily drudgery by binge watching series, overeating, alcohol and other legal drugs. The legal ones give you the least dopamine hits for the biggest damage.

One in a while they go on holiday and cause other people stress. The ones who make their money serving them. The office slaves served by the catering slaves.

They pass on their shit to their kids. They come to live only for their kids. Their sex life is repetitive, unimaginative or non-existing. Something they compensate for in a myriad strange ways. Ways that often cost money. Sexual frustration fueling the economy. Escapism fueling consumerism.

They’re often friendless. Mistaking some of their colleagues for friends. A new job means new ‘friends’.

Since a better life always seems to be somewhere else they tend to change their job quite often. Especially those too proud to accept that there is little difference in the corporate world and better hardly exists.

They will leave nothing behind, except their kids. And the little bit of wealth they gather while enduring lots of frustration and lors of humiliation they cannot enjoy in old age, as by then their brain dies off sooner than the rest of their body.

There is little room for reflection in this turbulent sea of undergoing duties and escapism from duties. Never any initiative. They go with the flow not even realizing there is a flow. They have long ago given up questioning. The state of the world is of no concern to them. And if it is they can only talk about it in the sound bites the media throws at them. They tend to single out one problem. Some are passionate about climate change. Some about air pollution or about the plastic in our oceans. None has an overview. None tries to understand the system as a whole and to see his or her part in it.

Whereas people in earlier times may have realized that they were just pieces in a big machine these stressed, desiring, impossible to satisfy people imagine they have lots of control. They have their apps, a gigantic menu of series and movies and distraction to choose from. They can change their job. They can even vote. There is the illusion of choice.

They’re flung between desire, hope, frustration, despair and being completely numb.

Some still try to make other people around them feel enthusiastic, happy. Most don’t even try that anymore and crawl into a private hole as much of their own as possible. Apart from going out into the world to work because they need money and because their entire childhood has been a preparation for a job they merely cocoon.

The West’s soul is dying faster than ever before.

Boring robots everywhere. Just smart and knowledgeable enough to do as their boss tells them.