Taught classes. Saturday and Sunday. Had to prepare some too.

‘I will never be poor again!’, said Scarlett and I nodded in total agreement.

I read a book on Ted Bundy. I don’t know why.

I watched a three part docu on Srebrenica and the role of the Dutch there. Excellent. Enjoyed it a lot.

I finished listening to an audibook on US history.

I played with my son. Which involved carrying him for hours. Who needs a gym when you got a son? That’s 25 pounds on your arm.

Listened to some YouTube videos. Afghan war stuff. Something about how everyone is now too distracted to think about the system they are a part of.

Made a list of writing ideas. Nothing spectacular.

Flipped through several books, but couldn’t focus. Eventually a book about money did grab my attention. I guess that shows you where my attention goes.

Briefly called my mum.

Wrote my friend Abram about what it was like watching that Srebrenica docu.

Tackled some minor tasks not worth mentioning.

Signed up for YouTube without ads. Very satisfied with it.

Did the usual overthinking, but seem to have reached some conclusions. Not happy ones, but at least they are conclusions.


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