My last student of the day was a 26 year old woman. An incredibly beautiful, just gorgeous human being.

We talk for a bit. It’s a Friday evening. We’re alone. We can have a more private conversation.

I come to the conclusion that she is happy. Genuinely happy.

Almost every day people tell me about the worst shit that has happened to me. None of it shocks me – as long as it’s not child abuse -, but happiness? Happiness shocks me.

How can one be happy? I don’t get it. Maybe these people never open a newspaper or look back at the history of humanity or have desires that are easily satisfied.

Well, she is a gorgeous young woman. Is there a better situation a human can have in this world other than being a male billionaire?

I come home and I tell Zuzana about my shock.

She says I shouldn’t be so shocked. She says she is also happy and I live with her.

I often forget that I live with a happy person.

It’s because a happy person is such an unlikely match for me.

But it’s true. Zuzana is happy. No easy feat since she has to listen to me venting my frustrations from the early morning till late at night.

Am still shocked.

Happy people.

How the fuck do they do it?

Zuzana calls me the Prince of Darkness.

She’s not the first to do so.