1. Never ask heterosexual women for tips on how to seduce a woman. It’s like asking people who constantly watch cars go by, but have never driven themselves, what it is like to drive a car. Heterosexual women do not try and seduce other heterosexual women. They have zero experience as to how to go about it. And when they were seduced they didn’t know why they fell for the guy.

2. People are what they say other people are.

If someone sees narcissists everywhere chances are that person himself is a narcissist. Same goes for any other label a person often uses to criticize others.

3. When we hate someone we usually hate something inside ourselves that that other person represents. (unless of course the person you hate has murdered your entire family and has fucked your pet hamster up the ass. That’s just regular hatred, no layers there.

4. Most people will choose money over meaningful connections with other people. Yes, it will make them miserable, but they will go for the big fat cash any time. So would I.

5. Yes, you really are the product of the time you spent in the womb and your first three years outside of the womb. Sure, you can go through extreme changes, but the story was written in those first three years. Now it’s just unfolding. Even though it seems you control the narrative you are the product of what was done to you in those early years. With a few genetic dice rolls in the mix. You may feel like something you have read has profoundly changed your life, but without your history you would not have been open to that change. Face it, you are less of an influence in shaping who you are than you think you are. Psychotherapy can correct some things, but it will still be like rearranging the chapters and cutting and adding some paragraphs to a book that was written a long time ago.

6. Womanizers are looking for a mentally strong male to recognize them, to welcome them into the flock of manhood.

7. A man is as faithful as his options in picking sexual partners.

8. A woman is as faithful as her options in picking wealthier and more exciting partners than her current one. Most women don’t really have options, so they appear to be quite faithful.

9. When people show moral outrage it’s usually because they are jealous.

10. If you could get the rich taxed more heavily by ranting on Twitter they wouldn’t let you do it.

11. Social media make a socialist revolution less likely to happen even though in theory it would be much easier to organize thanks to social media. But that’s not how people use social media.

12. Knowing about an injustice does not stop it. Our current day revolutionary spirits think spreading the message is all the activism they need to do. A modern day revolutionary tweets ‘universal healthcare’ and stuffs him or herself (only two fucking pronouns, yesss) while watching fictional gorgeous and rich characters humping each other.

13. Gays can’t make you nervous unless you are afraid you are gay

14. Women are NOT looking for a nice guy. I know some genuinely nice guys and they can’t find girls. And I know some total douchebags who manage to insert their penis in many a willing vagina.

15. Schools kill creativity

16. Clean heroin won’t really affect your health

17. Self-help books are derivative drivel

18. Leaders are NOT readers. They’re too busy leading.

19. People are getting more boring, lonelier, more hooked on their job, less and less rebellious in any meaningful way and more and more depressed.

20. We have a very safe, relatively well-organized, in many ways very comfortable world. The things we need to do to create that safe environment have cut us off from almost all the things that make us feel alive.


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