1. People tell you who they are in the first 90 seconds that you interact with them.

2. Human beings have sex after six to about maximum 30 hours of interacting with each other. Less or more than that makes the prospect extremely unlikely and suspicious (as in: mental health issues)

3. Most women do not orgasm from penetrative sex alone, though almost all novels, movies, series… will have you believe otherwise

4. Behind the scenes of every industry stuff is happening that with disgust you

5. You’re probably not trying to reach the goals you claim you have. People are notoriously bad at pushing themselves

6. Discipline will beat talent most of the time

7. Nobody with a great sex life feels the need to run a marathon

8. Once you have been sexually abused it’s more likely to happen again. Predators can smell it on you. Victim agreeableness.

9. Nice people are potentially more dangerous than rude people

10. Nobody can keep a secret

11. You underestimate how influenced you are by the people you spend time with

12. What your parents desired but never got will always have a strong influence in your life

13. Women care more about looks than they find acceptable to admit

14. Whatever talent you see a guy display, his initial motivation to get good at it was probably to get pussy

15. Oft repeated, but so true. There is not a woman so hot that there is not some guy tired of fucking her

16. Addiction is a disease of your social relationships. Quitting an addiction without building more meaningful connections is not possible

17. Every religion has all the traits of a conspiracy theory

18. The less you have lived your life as you wanted to the more you fear dying

19. The biggest cage of mankind is avoiding feelings of shame

20. Your five favorite stories all have a main character that is very similar to the way you are or desire to be


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