An ex student of mine. About 30. One of the prettier ones. I have tried to seduce her, but very half-heartedly. Capricorn. In a relationship. Not easily swayed. Not married long enough to be led down the straying path.

She has a son now. He is about the age of my own son. She still looks good, but now that she is a mother her vibe has changed a little bit. I give her a cup and I give the boy a plastic car.

I don’t like to turn up empty handed somewhere. I have an inferiority complex. Inferiority complexes never come without the other side of the coin. A superiority complex. But that’s stuff for an other time.

She’s blonde. I tend not to fall for blondes, but if there is a certain spunk to them and they are slim and have the right facial structure am game anyway.

She has spunk. She’s quite dominant, but in way that I can handle. She is the type of woman I let myself be bossed around by, except in the few areas that actually matter to me. That may be my attitude towards life in general. I seem to be a push-over until we have to fight over the ground that I care about. Kindness is so often mistaken for weakness.

She asks why I look so sad. I say that am sad in general.

She asks, ‘still?’

She says I should smile more.

I ask: ‘Just like that? For no reason?’

Being parents we compare our children’s eating and sleeping patterns and all their preferences.

We briefly talk about one of her colleagues I seduced a few years back.

She brings it up, not me. But I would have brought it up myself if she hadn’t. Cause despite all the heart ache involved and the realization of how silly I am it is still a tiny source of pride. And I am very aware that women are more interested in you the more women they know you have had before. Although they will always vehemently deny this.

Eventually she gets distracted by a phone call and I decide to leave.

We are close to one of the companies I teach at and one of my brightest students spots us. I know he will assume she is my wife and the boy is my son, so I will have to tell him tomorrow that this is not my wife.

Even though they have the same name, a son about the same age, have the same way of being, the same astrology sign and both were my students.