I think Donald Trump knows next to nothing about Adolf Hitler. I suppose he sees Hitler as a strong man and he admires that.

When it comes to details am sure Trump can’t tell you anything about Hitler. When it comes to general knowledge Trump has very little. We are talking about a guy who thinks there were airports in Northern America at the time of the American Revolution.

He may believe a few of the most commonly believed Hitlers myths. Such as:

  • Hitler would have won if his generals hadn’t opposed his plans (nonsense, since most of Hitler’s plans were executed, even though many subordinates disagreed entirely)
  • That he created an amazing German economy (the fact is that it wasn’t sustainable, was predatory from the start, involved detrimental price fixing, and could not overcome shortages, such as when it comes to butter, to name just one example)
  • He may even believe that Hitler had nothing to do with with the Holocaust (also entirely false)