Justice for Sandia Dia looks further away then ever. It looks like the lawyers of the accused will use every trick in the book to make sure their clients walk away with hardly any sanction at all.

What they did to Sanda is horrific. When we read about how the doctors eventually had to call Sanda’s father to tell him how his son had suffered irreparable neurological damage our heart broke into a thousand little pieces.

The ones responsible for the brutal hazing ritual (systematic torture is a more accurate term) are responsible for the death of a very bright and by all accounts very kind young man and they have ruined the lives of his family members forever. Their actions were so shocking that they seriously hurt society as a whole. How many parents will be terrified to send their kids off to college knowing that such sociopaths run influential fraternities? This isn’t some gratuitous horror film. What they did to Sandia Dia is all too real.

If they had any decency they would accept an appropriate punishment and not try to weasel out of this.

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