The death of Sanda Dia at the hands of the arrogant members of student organisation Reuzegom has reminded me of my own time as a member of student organisation Slavia.

I was the editor in chief of the student magazine and later also the president. I know why I became the editor in chief of the magazine. Why I chose to become the president is less clear to me. There were times I enjoyed the role, but often I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t see the point of half of my responsibilities. And my biggest mistake was that I had allowed people who hated me to have important roles in the organisation. Something I would never allow today. Rookie mistakes.

We never did anything that even came close to the disgusting stuff Reuzegom did.

But we did feel special. I wasn’t the most arrogant of the lot, but I certainly felt high at times. I was a twenty something in relatively good shape, had a sort of popular girlfriend and lovers and some friends who seemed to adore me. And a professor who gave me some amazing opportunities.

You know that expression ‘the world is your oyster’. Well, that’s exactly how I felt.

You have to have had inherited some ironclad values from your family to not do crazy shit when you are simply ‘high on life’. Intoxicated by your own youth, energy and belief in your dreams.

I never physically harmed anyone but the thought was there. I certainly had no qualms about sleeping around. Only a fear of getting caught.

Looking back I think I could have enjoyed my youth even more than I did, but I think I spent too much time reading.

Well, at least I didn’t force anyone to swallow a live gold fish. And I have never peed on anyone either. Nor have I ever refused water to someone with a very serious hangover.

Anyway, it’s true, youth is wasted on the young.