Biden fans are not trying to convince Trump fans to vote for Biden. They are certainly not trying to motivate the millions of people who gave up on voting a long time ago to go and vote for Biden. They are also in no ways trying to push Biden to stand for anything else than the status quo.

All they are doing is repeating ad nauseam that progressives should vote for Biden, because if they don’t they are actually voting for Trump…

That’s ALL they are doing.

Well, good luck, maybe enough people are so sick of Trump’s outlandish tweets that they will vote for anything with a heartbeat, but maybe not.

It’s going to be a coin toss in November and Biden fans are doing nothing to give Biden better odds.

If Trump wins they will of course blame progressives…

In the end the Democratic Party doesn’t really want to win. The Democrats won when Bernie Sanders did not become the nominee.

All the Democratic establishment wants is that nothing changes, so that their corporate allies keep rewarding them.

In the mean time the US has become a more and more extreme dog eat dog society.

I hope Trump wins so the Democrats fall apart.

If Biden wins there will soon be a new Trump, maybe a smart one, maybe a smooth talker, maybe a Trump so slick he doesn’t say stupid shit like how there were airports at the time of the American revolution. Maybe a Trump who doesn’t alienate some of the more intelligent Republicans who dislikes his erratic style (just his style, they do like his actions).

And things will get worse.

I don’t know who will win in November but things are going to get worse in the US either way.