In December 2018 the 20 year old Sanda Dia and two other students participated in a hazing ritual to become members of the very exclusive student organisation Reuzegom. This organisation was based in Leuven, Belgium and has since been disbanded. The ex-members are the sons of very rich and well-connected families. That’s probably the reason why they are not yet in prison.

Here is just a short summary of what they made Sanda Dia do:

On the first day he had to sell roses. Because he sold 30 roses less than the other students he was punished. It’s possible he sold less than the others because he was black and the other sellers were white. Sorry, but Belgium is quite racist. He was punished for selling the least.

He had to drink a bottle of gin. He had to kneel in the street and the bottle was poured into his mouth. After this he was made to drink five or six beers. Even after vomiting he had to drink beer. Then they carried him to his room where they cut his hair, threw ketchup on him, put choco spread in his hair and… taped the taps so he couldn’t get water if he woke up to alleviate his hangover…

The next day he was picked up and driven to a cabin in the woods. There he and two others had to dig a hole in the ground. This was filled with water. He had to stand in there for hours and hours. According to a message one of the group members sent to another member Sanda was already suffering a lot.

The message read: ‘Sanda is already ripe for the trash’. In the pit he was forced to eat olives, sardines, some brew of unknown composition, and he had to drink fish oil. At some point he had to bite off the head of an eel. He was also supposed to eat a mouse.

He also had to swallow a live gold fish and keep vomiting it back out until the fish was dead. Torturing animals like this is already a sign that the members of Reuzegom have psychopathic tendencies. This has nothing to do with being funny. This is just cruel. This sort of behavior points to very serious psychological problems.

He was repeatedly urinated on. One member even defecated on one of the students being hazed. Even after it was clear Sanda was struggling he was denied help and the hazing ritual went on. When it got so bad that he was producing strange noises he was finally taken to a hospital.

His body temperature had dropped to 27.2 degrees. He was bleeding from his nose and mouth. He died because of multiple organ failure.

The members were punished by the university of Leuven. They had to perform 30 hours of community service. They could choose how and where. They also had to write a paper on the history of such hazing rituals.
In Belgium lots of people fear none of them will go to prison because one of them is the son of a baron, one the son of the governor of Antwerp, one the son of a successful banker. Some are the sons of judges, lawyers, dentists… According to their own internal communication these students consider themselves to be the elite of Belgium. They also called Sanda the n-word and said that blacks should work for whites. These are just a few of the shocking things this organisation did. One of the members was also photographed as he was posing in a KKK costume…

What do you think their punishment should be?

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