You’ll learn a lot from this book.

And it will make you laugh even harder than a Joe Biden speech.

You will learn how

  • Obama is a fraud
  • The Democrats and The Republicans both serve only the interests of the rich
  • The stock market is mostly a ponzi scheme
  • The Russians did not rig the US elections in 2016. The Dems lost because they were arrogant and took a huge dump on progressives
  • The New York Times is really just propaganda. He analyzes a hit piece the rich people’s rag wrote on him. It’s sad, it’s enraging and man, it’s even amateurish… Who are those people who get a job at the New York Times? Whose ass do they have to lick cleaner than a sterile operation room?
  • He will tell you how many bombs Obama, Bush and Trump have dropped.
  • He defends the actions of Julian Assange and explains the real reasons why he’s being persecuted

This book is not for everyone. If you enjoy believing that at least the Democrats are not evil, if you believe the US wants peace, if you believe the US does not piss on its poor people every single day then this book will just be filled with facts you do not want to hear.

If you already know that the US is a plutocracy, an oil company with an army, a third world country with nuclear weapons then this book will give you all the facts to back up your very correct idea that the US is a

failed state.