You can buy a rail pas for 76 euro at almost any train station. They have vending machines. Anyone can buy it. You don’t have to have the Belgian nationality.

On the ticket you see ten lines. You can fill in this lines with a pen. The point is to pick any two Belgian train stations and you can travel between them for 7,6 euro. So you can travel from Oostende near the coast all the way to some village in the Ardennes. Several people can use the same ticket. So theoretically a group of ten people can make the same journey with this one ticket.

If you are younger than 26 it’s even cheaper. It’s at least 20 euro cheaper then. So one trip between any two Belgian stations will set you back only about 5 euro. When you use the ticket for people younger than 26 they will ask you to show some identification to check if you are really younger than 26.

If you pay the normal price it will be A LOT more expensive -unless it’s a very short trip, like less than 40 kms -, so buying a rail pas really pays off.

The ticket is valid for one year.

You can see an example in the picture.

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