A super old rich guy dies. And everyone is so so so sad.

Every mainstream news outlet is now talking about him as if they can’t get over the fact that they never had a chance to suck his blue blooded dick.

This is precisely why I never pay for any mainstream news. Because they really are the PR branch of the rich and powerful.

They’re repetitive, they copy from each other, they hero worship, they don’t lift a finger to stop wars, they do not expose corruption and in recent years there are ten articles about which wine you should combine with oysters for every article about some actual issue… Even the most renowned newspapers have become life style magazines for those who think they are upper middle class.

An old dude croaked his last. BOO HOO. Am bawling my eyes out.

The mainstream media licks the asses of everyone with even a whiff of power to their name.

Pay for that?