First of all,

sorry, but how can anyone not directly related to this guy be ‘incredibly sad’ he’s dead?

There are thousands of people dying right this second that make me incredibly sad. All over the world babies and toddlers are dying from hunger, contaminated water and completely preventable diseases. Their parents watching helplessly. Parents who would tear their own lungs out of their own body if that could save their child. THAT is incredibly sad.

You know what’s not sad?

A rich dude living almost up to one hundred who never had to worry about where his next meal was going to come from and enjoyed a completely undeserved life of leisure, wealth and status.

Brian Rose has interviewed David Icke many times. He rolled over for him and practically worshipped the guy as a prophet who – according to Brian – saw all his prophecies become reality.

That same guy says the British royal family is made up of shape shifting lizards who feed on the misery of us humans…

London Real has always presented itself as alternative, against the mainstream, as anti-establishment.

And now he’s crying over the death of a 90+ years old prince?

Where the fuck is the congruency, Brian? Where the fuck is it?

Here are some observations concerning Brian Rose.

1. Brian Rose ALWAYS agrees with every guest he has on. A guest may rail against capitalism. Brian agrees. A guest may be super positive about Donald Trump. Brian agrees. Brian always buddies up to his guests.

He stands for freedom of speech. He says he is an absolutist when it comes to everybody’s right to ‘speak their truth’. He DELETES every negative comment he gets. Systematically and immediately, especially on his YouTube videos.

Imagine how much time he must be spending on this… I swear, that guy is never even for one second present for his family. Brian does not exist when there is no camera around. Everything he says and does is carefully groomed to be performed when the world is watching. He is passing on his own childhood trauma to his own children.

2. Brian Rose feels disturbingly insecure in his own masculinity. Most of his guests are men. He has a thing for muscles one would expect of a teenager, but not of an adult. He has an obvious issue with his father. He has now adopted fake business guru Dan Pena as a father figure. Dan Pena is promoted as the 50 billion dollar man, but Pena is worth a LOT less than that. Dan has been caught lying in interviews many times. One of his claims is that the top five biggest money makers on this planet were coached by him. This is a ridiculous claim he cannot back up. Dan Pena also encourages people to contemplate committing suicide during his workshops. These workshops are usually just him screaming at people like the drill sergeant in the movie Full Metal Jacket. Except that the drill sergeant in the movie was funny. Dan Pena just looks silly. ‘I wish my father had shown me more love’ oozes through Dan’s every pore… That’s Brian’s role model…

3. Brian’s massively overpriced workshops have received a lot of criticism from participants. Brian has not addressed these issues. Brian seems to think that people can get better at being businessmen by merely being around him. I very much doubt Brian can teach people anything about building a successful business from scratch. What he can tell you is what you need to do to record a high quality podcast. But that’s it. Imagine you want to start a shop offering, I don’t know, wooden toys for children up to 6 years old. Brian can’t help you there. Well, he may have something helpful to say about it, but certainly nothing worth 3,000 euro or more.

4. Brian has absolutely no idea who Londoners are. He only seems to associate with young men. That is just one segment of London’s population and likely not the biggest segment either. How on earth does Brian think he can win an election if he never engages with anyone above 50 or 60? I never see him engage with young mothers either. It’s all very male centered. It’s almost as if Brian thinks he can win an election by being there for those who as their main concern have the re-opening of gyms…

5. Those suits… For fuck’s sake… Is he auditioning for a role as a gangster in a movie set against the background of the era of prohibition? Is this his way of saying he is going through a very serious manic phase?

6. Brian brags about his time at MIT, but nobody seems to be sure he actually went there… VERY little is known about Brian from before he started London Real with his co-founder Nic.

7. Although Brian is deep into martial arts AND records and uploads everything he does, you never see him compete with other martial arts enthusiasts. Instead you see him shadow boxing on his own. This is the perfect formula never to be caught losing a match.

8. Brian – an advocate of free speech – has deleted tons of content from his own platform. The guy is self-censoring at break neck speed. Why? What is he trying to hide? Where is the absolutely bizarre video where he announced he kicked Nic off the show for example? Did he finally realize how bad that made him look?

9. In one of his apologetic videos Brian himself says he is a notoriously bad communicator. Yet in other videos he says future Mayors of London will have to learn how to communicate like he does… A bit of a paradox there…

10. Where are Brian’s friends? When London Real started you could get the impression Brian had a social life. When they were on his show they always looked like talking props. Brian didn’t engage with them, at least not on an emotional level. When Nic told him emotionally charged things Brian could not handle that. It made him squirm.

Brian has guests, he has people who work for him and he has adoring fans. But where are his friends? He also has a wife, but it’s not hard to see he ignores her most of the time. He’s even admitted he cannot handle being on holiday with her and their children…

Brian has offered a lot. I do not for one second regret supporting him when he was starting out. I think I paid something like 100 euro for merchandising and once for access to his London Real Academy. I still have something like a friend via my very short time chatting via that Academy platform (it was basically a crude from of Facebook for fans of London Real). The content he created was ok. Even if he was the king of the softest and fluffiest softball interview.

The direction he went in later is looking more and more like the behavior of a deeply troubled individual who is grappling with demons he’s not even aware of.

I think Brian will be in need of some professional help after he loses the mayoral election in May.

I do not dislike or hate Brian. I am actually concerned about his well being and at the same time frustrated with the blatant inconsistencies, contradictions, falsehoods and plain bizarre antics in the show he’s been putting up lately.