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LisbonTroyAntwerpHai PhongHebron
ViennaLiverpoolSpartaNew YorkBanska Bystrica
The 6th of august 1945 was a very bad day for this city
This used to be a very important centre to learn about Islam. Mysterious place.
One of the best places in Europe to buy cocaine. The target of Hitler’s 1944 Ardennes offensive. V1 and V2 rockets rained down on this city. Peter Paul Rubens lived here.
At a certain point there were two Popes. One in Rome and one here
White and blue porcelain. Painter Johannes Vermeer. Canals. Girl with a pearl Earring. Cheese. Wooden shoes.
The city has kept its medieval walls. University city.
The largest harbor of Vietnam
One of the oldest universities in the world. The Germans destroyed its library at the start of the First World War.
One of the top locations of the hippie movement
The capital of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. The capital of the state of Virginia. The James river. Tobacco.
This city was named after the Greek Goddess of victory
The Guggenheim. 9/11. Nieuw Amsterdam. Brooklyn. Harlem. Queens. Bronx.
You can admire the statue of Fernando Pessoa here and you can go partying in the Barro Alto, 35 streets with bars and little shops.
Ship building. The Beatles. The Mersey river.
A city with about 130,000 Palestinian inhabitants. Right in the centre there are about 300 Jewish colonists who get paid by Israel to stay there. 3,000 Israeli soldiers patrol the streets to help the colonists stay there.
The museum of the Slovak national uprising. Urpiner. Kotleba.
This city is known for its Red lights district called De Walletjes.
Catacombs. The Louvre. The Notre Dame
Napoleon was born here
The international nuclear competence centre is located here
Bruce Springsteen sang about the streets of….
The Red Cross was founded in this city
This city used to be known for its fierce soldiers
Thought to be a city that only existed in legends, until archeologist Arthur Schliemann excavated it
The largest fire created by humans occured here in 1945

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