DenmarkRomaniaNew ZealandGeorgiaNamibia
KazachstanBulgariaVatican CityKuwaitBangladesh
Lord of the rings. Sheep.
Oil. Mekka. Very expensive army.
The Pope
Tiny country. A lot of money. They speak Letzeburgs.
One of the first Christian countries on earth. Many killed by the Turks in the early 20th century.
Stalin was from here. Mountains. Wine.
The biggest oil reserves on the planet. Chavez. May have the most beautiful women in the world.
Invaded by Saddam Hussein. Tiny country with a lot of oil.
Bombed by NATO. Aggressive culture.
Helped Nazi-Germany invade the Soviet-Union. Their language is similar to French and Italian.
Reggae music
Gulash. Trianon. Paprikas.
They make your clothes
The Sandinistas.
Castro. Communism. Cigars. Rum.
Enver Hoxha. They don’t have McDonald’s.
Only Slavic language without cases. Varna. Some of the oldest cities in Europe.
Pol Pot. Anghor Vat.
China doesn’t like this country at all.
Pataya. Lady boys. Bath. Stinky fruit.
Relatively well developed until Kadaffi was killed.
Pirates. FGM. Used to be Christian. Muslim now. Conquered by Italy in the late 1930’s.

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