Kosovo fieldYorktownLepantoMidway
GettysburgArnhemSolferinoThe Somme
Dien Bien PhuMohácsKhe SanhStalingrad
Little Big HornEl AlameinVerdunPoitiers
Often seen as the turning point of the American Civil War, though some historians disagree with this view. Largest battle ever fought on American soil. 1-2-3 July 1863
William The Conqueror invades England in 1066 and… conquers it.
Henry Dunant watches this battles and decides to found the Red Cross. The battle took place on the 24th of June 1859.
The French army was so badly beaten here that they allowed North-Vietnam to become an independent nation. 1954
The first big battle of the American Civil War. It would look small in comparison to the battles that followed. 21st of July 1861.
About 130,000 German soldiers of the 6th Army were forced to surrender here. Only 5,000 survived captivity and made it back to Germany in the 1950s. Summer of 1942 to February 1943.
George Armstrong Custer and hundreds of his soldiers were killed here by thousands of Native Americans after Custer had made some very serious mistakes. June 1876.
The Americans defeat the English paving the way for the independence of the United States. 1781
This battle was a real meat grinder of the First World War. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were sacrificed in a battle that achieved almost nothing. The French lost so many soldiers that their mood sank so low it almost sparked a widespread mutiny. 1916
One of the last victories of Nazi-Germany. Fought in the Netherlands in 1944. Subject of the movie A Bridge Too Far.
The Japanese fleet got very badly defeated here, halting their conquest of Asia. 1942.
The Muslim conquest of France was stopped here. The Muslims had already conquered Spain, but their armies were stopped at this battle in 732.
The Turks defeated the Serbs here. This defeat is a source of great national pride for the Serbs, even though they lost. 15th of June 1389
Already on the first day of this battle – the 1st of July 1916 – the British lost close to 60,000 men.
The Turks defeated the Hungarian army and its allies here on the 29th of August 1526.
Erwin Rommel had been very succesful in North-Africa, but his success came to a halt via this battle. 1942.
Napoleon was decisively defeated at this spot in what is now Belgium. 1815
One of Napoleon’s greatest victories. Also known as the battle of the three emperors. Fought on the 2nd of December 1805. Today this battlefield is part of the Czech Republic
The Turks tried to expand their influence over the region of the Mediterranean sea, but they were stopped here by a Catholic coalition on the 7th of October 1571
The Vietnamese made the Americans think they wanted to conquer this place, but actually they just wanted to distract the Americans from more important places. 1968

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