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SeattleNurnbergMy LaiMunichSaint-Petersburg
DublinRio De JaneiroPragueSingaporeDover
Used to be divided into East and West. The wall fell in 1989
You can find the tallest building in the world here. International business centre. You can expect luxury here.
There is a famous film festival here. Located in the south of France
If you take the ferry from Calais, France to England this is where you arrive.
Hitler wanted to turn this city into a city dedicated to art.
This city is said to be extremely clean and well organized. Lots of gardens to visit.
Birthplace of grunge. Nirvana. It rains 70 percent of the time. Progressive
Location of the Oktoberfest. Hitler tried to grab the power in Germany in 1923 starting in this city, but he failed and he was jailed.
Guinness. Folk music. Catholic.
In 1968 the North-Vietnamese and the Vietcong launched the TET offensive. EVERY city in South-Vietnam was attacked, but only this one was – temporarily- conquered. Used to be an imperial city. On the Perfume river.
The Nazis used to organize gigantic gatherings here. Now most known for the trials that were held here shortly after the second world war.
The most famous movies are made here
Probably one of the best cities in the world to go and study. Many bars, parks, clubs, canals. On the roads of this city cyclists are the kings. Impressive Cathedral. Long shopping street. Located in Belgium.
Football. Tourism. Gaudi. Parks. The sea. A good chance to get cheated by vendors.
Destroyed by general Sherman in 1864. One of the settings of the movie Gone with the Wind. Coca Cola was invented here.
Known for its exuberant form of Carneval festivities. South-America.
A small city in Arkansas. Bill Clinton was born here.
This city was formed by merging two smaller cities on the Danube river
Famous for gambling and easy to arrange weddings.
This is a village. In 1968 American soldiers massacred hundreds of innocent people here.
City in Belgium. Birth place of writer Louis Paul Boon. Peculiar Flemish dialect. Famous carneval. On the Dender river.
The Germans besieged this city for more than 900 days. It used to be called Leningrad.
A city with an exellent strategic location on the Mississippi river. Often compared to Gibraltar. When this city fell to general Grant in July 1863 the Confederacy was split in two.
Seven hills. Its harbor used to be located in Ostia. Saint Peter’s basilica.
The Charles bridge. Kafka. Lots of options to drink beer.

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