Helena Zengel is astonishing in the role of a girl with German roots who ends up being raised by Kiowa native Americans.

Her performance is entirely realistic and awe inspiring.

Tom Hanks does a fine job too.

The story is heart-breaking at times and deeply moving.

It’s one of those stories that show us how sick and cruel humans can be towards each other, but luckily there are good people too.

There are those who choose to exploit and there are those who choose to take good care of their fellow human beings. People who cherish human life and human dignity more than money.

We can only hope that the good ones will ultimately prevail over the sick ones.

This is a haunting movie with stellar performances. Helena Zengel’s intense acting will haunt you for days.

The movie is based on the novel by Paulette Jiles. The book is also very gripping.


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