• Travel. Don’t stay in Slovakia. Look around. Explore. Find the place where you like it best
  • Meet people and have a few real friends. Real friends are rare, but I believe you can find some
  • Have sex with A LOT of women before you settle down. I mean, be really fucking sure you settle down with a woman with whom you have the best possible sex, because sex is the basis, really.
  • Go into psychotherapy BEFORE any issues develop
  • Ask me whatever you want to ask me before am gone
  • Make yourself happy, not me or anyone else
  • Make money doing something you love
  • Learn to cooperate with people as effectively as possible. I myself am such an Einzelgänger that being independent is my only option. On the one hand that is liberating, I don’t have to wonder about any other options, but it’s also limiting. I hope you will have many more options.
  • Explore the past of your family and especially the unfilled desires in your family. Know that they don’t have to be your desires. You don’t have to compensate for my failures or your grandparents’s failures
  • You don’t have many family members so make and choose your own family
  • Never ever you think you are not good enough and immediately cut loose from anyone who gives you the feeling you’re not good enough
  • Explore eastern philosophies
  • Socialize and go to and organize many parties in your youth
  • Find a sport and a form of exercise you love and get a lot of movement very regularly
  • Avoid sugar, alcohol, sigarettes…
  • Sing your own song. Listen to your heart and have the courage to follow it
  • Know that anything can be learned (and also unlearned) as long you go about it in a systematic way

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