1. My son’s reaction when I pick him up from his crib in the morning.

2. My son’s reaction when he can get to the vacuum cleaner and is allowed to play with it.

3. A moment of clarity and insight while reading a book or sometimes when watching someone speak on YouTube. See the picture.

4. I feel good when I can offer value to people. Like when am teaching or helping clients find meaning

5. When Zuzi makes her chicken masala

6. Some of my students have a great sense of humor and can often make me laugh

7. Similar to point 3, but some documentaries give paint such a profound and emotional picture of what it is to be human that it brings tears to my eyes.

8. When people donate to this site. That feeling that all the fucking energy and time and emotion and desire to offer something great means enough to someone that he or she decides to donate some money. I feel pure gratitude every time it happens and it never gets old.

9. A calm day. A day without shit. Just me doing what I have to do without shit.

10. Seeing my mum in real life and not on a screen would be very uplifting at this point. I haven’t seen her in 14 months. She has held her grandchild only a few times more than a year ago.

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