There are no social media apps on my phone.

I haven’t done anything on Instagram in months. I have deleted my Facebook profile. My blog posts automatically go to Twitter, but I don’t do anything with Twitter and don’t go there. I’m not active on Quora anymore. I had a Tik Tok profile, but I don’t even remember my login details.

You get the point.

How do you think I find the time to make sure something new appears on this site every single day? And am an active father and really do teach four different languages (for which I often need to speak a fifth one).

I am ignoring all weapons of mass distraction.

That includes checking the news.

Social media was just one of the things that contributes to my feelings of depression.

On Twitter I kept seeing people that – I swear it’s true! – tweeted a variation of the same message every two hours every single day.

This is a message I agree with, but why would I need a reminder of it con-stan-tly???

Yes, it would be great if Americans had a sane form of healthcare. Yes, I know the Democrats are fake and money grubbing hypocrites with no soul. I know.

There are a bunch of people out there who repeat that all the bloody day on Twitter. It must be their life and main occupation, cause they don’t seem to be doing anything else. And these are people, not bots.

I guess they do it because yes, they believe in their message, but I think the main drive is that if they just give it a bit of variation a horde of equally frustrated Twitter users will just keep retweeting it. These Twitter activists are ADDICTED.

Instagram is possibly even sadder. A lot of bikinis and bathing suits and vatiations of the same five motivational quotes everyone with an internet connection must have heard at least once a week for years.




Eye roll…

Strangers attacking each other in the common section with trash talk that does not meet the standards to be a cool kid in kindergarten.

And people showing off online what they precisely are NOT in re al life. If you truly enjoy something you forget to put it on Facebook. It’s that simple?

Happy holiday? Nope, you felt the need to get likes for it on Facebook. Not a happy holiday, you addict!

The final straw for me was what it was doing to my concentration span.

At the height of my social media use (which almost almost automatically abuse and not use) I could not read a book for even two minutes without at least checking SOMETHING on my phone. An eternal hunt for some kind of notification. Some kind of digital response from something or someone.

Without ranting about this too much I will just say this:

I read 14 books in January 2021.