On the 26th of December I quit coffee for the 20th time or so.

The first day my headache was so violent I had to vomit.

I have had a headache almost every day, but not every day. My headaches are also not as bad as on the first day.

I crave sugar a lot less. Perhaps my sugar cravings were driven by my exhaustion from coffee.

It’s been said that when you are addicted to coffee you need it to get back 80 percent of the normal you. So you have the impression it energizes you but it actually jolts an exhausted system back to life.

I sleep a bit better, but not significantly better. I haven’t had a panic attack since quitting, but I feel anxious in general due to things I have experienced before. It’s possible though that some of this anxiety is still being caused by my long abuse of coffee.

Very important to me is that my focus is better. Since quitting I have read a book and have started a new one. On coffee I can only focus on audiobooks and only when am doing something else at the same time.

I am also hoping my skin will look healthier and less puffy if I stay off coffee.

I also avoid other sources of caffeine. From time to time I will drink some green tea perhaps, but am done with coffee.

I don’t want to be dependent on a substance that gives me debilitating headaches and makes me vomit if I don’t take the right dosage in a limited time frame after waking up.

I am curious as to how I will feel after three months of no coffee.

So far I must say I prefer to go coffeeless.

I do miss the taste and the jolt and the buzz in my head that coffee provides. But I do not miss being wide awake but at the same time not able to focus on anything useful in my spare time.

If you drink just one or two regular cups of coffee I’m sure that’s quite ok. I was drinking several liters of very strong coffee every day.

That explains the violent effect of denying my body coffee entirely from one day to the next.

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