Is Donald Trump a narcissist? Yes.

Is Donald Trump a sociopath?


Is Donald Trump a pathological liar?

Yes, every day of his life.

Is Donald Trump a psychopath?


Is Donald Trump a racist?

Certainly not that much more than Joe Biden.

Yes, there were his disturbing ads in the newspaper suggesting the Central Park Five deserved the death penalty. These brown suspects ended up being completely innocent later. If you don’t know about this case perhaps there are many more things you don’t know about Trump or US politics.

At one rally he suggested that ‘back in the day’ people would have made short work of a black protester that showed up. Sadly that is just a fact. In the past that man would have been lynched. Note that Trump did not actually say he wanted any black people being lynched. Oh, and he has distanced himself from the supportive remarks of David Duke, a KKK dude. He did sort of lend support to other fringe hate groups.

Trump supports the use of the Confederate flag. Many people see this flag as a racist symbol. I do agree that it is, but the people flying it will claim it isn’t.

By the way, some of Bill Clinton’s supporters also used the Confederate flag as campaign material.

(There is no proof Clinton ordered these buttons, but there is also no proof he had a problem with them at the time)

Was Donald Trump a threat to world peace?

Not in a major way. And not more than some of his predecessors or his successor.

Did Trump support one of the most aggressive states commiting a form of covert genocide namely Israel?

Yes, he did so very openly. He moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. Joe Biden is a staunch supporter of Israel as well. So is Kamala Harris. The thing is that these two people are just like Trump, they just hide it better.

The elite had a problem with his style. He did their bidding too openly and with too much of a media circus. They need someone like Biden to do exactly the same but without the Twitter circus and a lot more emotionally charged bullshit like talk about dreams, hope, change, a future we can believe in, healing the nation, blablabla.

Is Donald Trump an enemy of the LGBT community?

As a politician, yes. As a private person he does not give a shit. He doesn’t hate transgender people. He does not care. He tried to hamper our gay and transgender fellow human beings because that works well with his base. If he hadn’t made the elite uncomfortable it would have worked a second time.

Is Joe Biden a friend of these fellow human beings with a different sexual orientation? Right now he is, because it pays off politically. He would be against them if that would give him more political capital.

Does Donald Trump believe and do everything in his power to get society to bow to ‘trickle down economics’?

Yes, he most certainly does. If Trump has an ideology it is this. The rich should be free of taxes or basically of anything that could stand in their way. Cause they are the job creators. In the short term this leads to more jobs and a booming stock market. In the long run people need two or three of those new jobs just to make ends meet. Trickle down economics has the poor working harder for less. Well, that’s complicated to explain in this post. There are plenty of books explaining why this trickle down shit is actually tsunami upwards economics.

Does Joe Biden oppose trickle down economics?

Hardly. If Trump is speeding towards this neoliberal end goal at 500 miles per hour then Biden is going at 450 miles per hour. If you really care about the short term then Biden is the better option. If you ever want to get something better for everyone he is not. We will come to that.

Is Joe Biden responsible for the rise of Trump?

Yes. Biden has helped create the system that made Trump possible.

There was a Donald Trump kinda guy back in the sixties called George Wallace. He was most popular in the states where Trump is most popular. However, America hadn’t become shitty enough to give George Wallace a chance beyond the states of the former Confederacy.

Hint: If you (I don’t mean my friend Marc, cause he knows him) don’t know who George Wallace is perhaps at this point in time it’s ok to admit that you don’t know the US well enough to determine if a Biden presidency is really a step in the right direction.

It took people like Joe Biden to make the US enough of a nightmare to finally embrace a brazen populist. Really. Joe Biden and Obama and of course many other similar lesser known people gave us Trump. Because basically people got tired of hearing the same platitudes without seeing actual change.

Why is Biden winning a bad thing in the long run?

In the US you have two choices. You can vote for an extreme right party and a party a little bit to the left of that, but not much. Those are the Democrats. Their preferred strategy is to try and appeal to Republican voters knowing that left leaning people have no choice but to vote for the Democrats. I don’t know if people understand this.

The Dems assume they always have the vote of everyone who wants a people’s party that is for REAL progressive change because they are a few inches closer to that than the Republicans. At the same time they hope enough Republicans will vote for the Democrats because the Republicans are pushing things a bit too far.

This strategy makes absolutely sure no progressive candidate will ever have a shot at becoming the president.

This strategy failed them in 2016 and they were very butt hurt about it. Many progressives simply bailed and didn’t want to accept the ‘vote for the lesser evil mantra’. And yes, enough old men were simply not going to vote for a bossy lady. And the people who really knew her record were also not going to do it.

Trump was so offensive on Twitter that enough of those folks came back in 2020. And Biden is a tough talking old guy, so he could also get the votes of some angry old folks who normally vote for the Republicans or abstain. He’s just like them.

What would have been the best case scenario?

Four more years of institutional destruction under Trump. More trickle down economics. And more weird stuff on Twitter. But almost certainly no new wars. We could have survived four more years of Trump.

Much more damaging in the long run is that the Democrats pretending to be the good guys has worked.

More or less the same things will continue under Biden as under Trump but it will not be as obvious to people. They will feel good, because Biden is the good guy, right? The media said so. Without mentioning his horrible past of course. Biden loves war, as long as he’s not on the actual front lines.

Biden is in bed with the credit card companies, the predatory insurance companies, the banks who love indebted students and getting people into mortgages they can barely afford, the prison industry, the military industry and so on.

If the US doesn’t have a sane healthcare system like any developed nation these days then people like Joe Biden are responsible. He and Harris are also responsible for having engineered the following: the US has about 6 percent of the world’s population. It has about a quarter of the world’s prison population. And those people are used as basically slave labor. McDonald’s (their uniforms are made by prisoners), lingerie companies like Victoria’s secret, airline companies, etc etc etc they make eager use of the almost free labor available at these prisons. Private prisons have become a good investment.

If one is against Biden does that make one pro Trump?

Hell no. The thing is that a phenomenon like Trump can only be stopped when there is a real alternative that will fix many of the problems that made people vulnerable to Trump’s persona.

The Democrats make sure that this alternative is impossible. It swallows up the progressives that join them. The party managed to use even Bernie Sanders (who is officially not a Dem but completely acts like one in the end) to shepherd people who want to see real systemic change, not just a lick of paint, back to the Democrats. Looking like a schmuck in the process. But the Dems let him keep his senate seat in return.

The Democrats blackmail people to vote for them. ‘With the other guy it will be EVEN worse!!’

This strategy has worked. It almost didn’t since it was a dangerous gamble, but it worked so any kind of soul searching will not need to be done. None of the problems that led to Trump will go away.

The best case scenario was for the Democrats to implode. Or to splinter. Or to be taken over by its most progressive wing. The latter option is impossible. A split was a bit more likely in the decades following a Biden loss.

Now things will go on just like they always have.

It will just look nicer and more civil to Europeans and because they won’t bother to read about boring stuff like the insurance industry or people getting evicted somewhere in Alabama or people being bombed in Yemen or some black kid going to prison for a crime he did not commit but badgered into confessing, well, deep sigh, Europeans will be ok with Biden.

No obvious narcissistic drivel on Twitter. People’s main problem with Trump. All the bad shit Trump did was already going on before he came to power. He just wasn’t tactful about it.

So yes, in the long term this election was a missed chance.

Trump’s bus was driving straight to a ravine.

On Biden’s bus we are heading for the same ravine but at a slightly slower pace. Oh, and there is more upbeat music playing. And the driver is smiling a lot more.

The only thing that MIGHT at some point in the future have led to a change in direction would have been the rise of a great third party. For that to happen Biden had to lose. And we would have had to endure four more years of blatant and childish narcissism and destructive trickle down economics. We will get the same now, but with enough verbal lubricant to make it seem painless to the lucky ones.

The US is an oligarchy. Its political system gives you the illusion of choice.

This cartoon gives a near perfect summary. To be perfect it should have also shown they do not have just the bombs in common, but practically everything that is not about abortion or gay rights.

End result?

The wealthiest people have won. And like Biden has said himself: Nothing will fundamentally change.

There WERE alternatives like the Green Party but people are manipulated enough by the media to not even consider those guys.

It’s a perfect system.

Europeans will not be confronted by this system’s victims.

If they will see refugees on their shores they will not realize people like Joe Biden are also responsible for that.

And even if they travel to the US they will not see the suffering. Maybe just a glimpse of it here and there while they sip some Starbucks coffee.

Thanks God this duopoly of the elite is not in place in most European countries. That’s why people have so much more comfortable lives than in the US and they don’t even realize how much better off they are here.

The US is a system of illusions and thanks to Biden that system is again very strong. The massive suffering behind the curtains will continue and Biden will look like the good guy who can’t do much about it, because, you know, the Republicans oppose it via the Senate.

Biden would love to see a Republican majority in the Senate.

Then his hands will be conveniently tied because of course he will never go against the interests of the big donors that allowed him to win.

Maybe it’s too much to ask people to see this. It goes against anything you see in the mainstream media. Brought to you by people who for months have made it abundantly clear they wanted Biden to win. Of course you won’t read it there.

The manipulation works. And if you tell folks about it you are a kook. Or a closet case Trump fan.

Maybe people desperately want to believe in something positive and with Biden they are clutching at straws.

Here is the good news: if you are reading this then there is an extremely high probability that you are not a direct victim of this system. The victims of this system are too busy fighting for their economic and often physical survival somewhere in obscurity to have time to read anything.

And the platitudes just keep rolling in from both parties.


If Joe Biden truly cared about handling the corona crisis in the most appropriate humanitarian way he would immediately go to work to get Americans universal healthcare. He will do no such thing. So his reaction, though better than Trump of course, is still the reaction of a hypocrite.