Now that we have you we think it’s a good idea to have some clear family traditions. Cause we know it’s important for your mental well-being to have regularity and to be able to count on things.

So we’ve come up with French Fries on Sunday. Kebab on Tuesday.

Apparently our first family traditions are centered around junk food.

Your mum cuts the potatoes herself so we do try to make it as healthy as possible. The kebab I get from what has so far proven to be the most professional and dedicated kebab shop in town.

I can also say that we run a fairly tight ship around here. You get your meals at the same time every day. You are bathed every day at the same time. You go to bed at the same time every day.

I give you milk in the morning. You go out with one or both of us every day.

When you couldn’t crawl yet your mum made sure you got ‘belly time’ every single day.

I push you around on your bike every day in the apartment to help you get used to the idea of a bike.

We play with you every single day. We hug you A LOT. We coooonstantly repeat the same words to encourage you to talk.

Hey, man, you are the center of our universe.

We promise to forge healthier family traditions pretty soon.