She did poorly in the Democratic primary. In fact, she did so poorly many people were surprised.

She got totally owned by Tulsi Gabbard during the primaries over her record in California. On Twitter she basically got laughed away. To name just one example she along with the police and the justice system is responsible for sending an innocent man to jail for 50 years. He turned out to be innocent. You can read more about it here.

She had very little support during the primaries and dropped out very early. A whole horde of other Democratic candidates ran way longer than she did because she failed to raise the needed funds from folks.

Her campaign lacked a clear message. The same problem Hillary had.

Her work in California produced very mixed results. On the one hand she tried to help convicts and on the other hand she made it harder for them to defend themselves. The percentage of guilty verdicts under her reign there went up significantly.

She thinks that listening to hiphop somehow makes her politically relevant.

Who cares? She can listen to Wagner 24/7 as long as she uses her political clout to actually improve the lives of her fellow Americans, quits her unwavering support for Israel and its expansionist practically genocidal policies (it’s slow process but they are being systematic and thorough to not get too much flak for what they’re doing), calls out Saudi-Arabia, advocates for universal healthcare, much more access to a college education, does something about student loan debt, etc, etc, etc..

It’s at the very least pretty odd that a candidate who did so poorly in the primaries went on to become the VP. It’s at the very least quite unfair to all the other candidates who ran a more competent campaign.

There will be some positive effect of her being a woman. May it inspire women and people of color that also the highest political positions of the land are open to them.

They will have to screw lots of people over to get there and promise the richest corporations everything they want to hear, but it’s possible. The rich who profit from the arms industry, the stock market, the prison industrial complex, the entertainment industry, the predatory health insurance companies, the credit card industry, the banks, etc do not care what color or what gender the puppets who do their bidding have.

During the primaries she ran on smiles and her identity, not any policies or serious political vision.

No matter what happened during the debates she always stood there with a smug grin. A kinds goofy smirk at times. As if she had something up her sleeve. Well, perhaps she knew she would get the VP slot for dropping out early.

From now on the mainstream media will ad nauseam repeat how wonderful it is that she is a woman, how brown she is and what a successful career she has had. God, they may even mold her into some sort of fashion icon. And the people will love it. They will hardly have a chance not to love it. With all the glitzy pictures and all the wonderfully white-toothed smiles they will be blasted with.

So don’t expect any critical articles in the mainstream media. This lady who couldn’t run a successful campaign in the primaries will now be presented to you as the next president.

Oh and her husband is jewish. She ticks another politically correct box. More reason for people who like to signal how virtuous and inclusive and politically savvy they are to support her without asking any questions.

She was a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. A disaster of a campaign. Biden’s was even worse, but enough people had had enough of Trump to hand Biden a marginal victory exactly there where it mattered. And because he won you will read all about how Trump made mistakes and Biden ran a great campaign. He did not. All he had to do was not to be Trump and even that almost failed.

Kamala Harris is what I would call a hollowed out success addict. Just like Hillary Clinton. There is no real vision. She just wants to look good and say what she thinks will get her brownie points with the polite people among us. She will say anything to please the crowds while looking morally exalted and oh so refined and cool-headed and reasonable and oh so full of hope, so full of hope for everyone.

It’s a spectacle. A show. Whoever is doing well in life at the moment will embrace her. The comfy illusion that everything will be better now. The people who will suffer from a Biden or a Harris administration suffer in relative obscurity. They can’t bother her supporters.

The privileged ones – a shrinking number of people in the US – can jump from one hedonistic experience to the next one all the while blissfully thinking that the worst is over now that Trump is gone.

If no progressive policies are adopted to make life easier on working class Americans then a more sophisticated version of Trump will soon be ad portas.