Some reviews are raving. Some reviews are calling the show out for giving more attention to the two rich protagonists than the impecunious victim and her family.

You can imagine how pleased I am to find out that there are so many entertainment critics out there who care so deeply about the plight of the poor.

So a show is bad because it’s about rich people?

I would like rich people to pay their taxes. I don’t really mind seeing them in a series. Not even when it looks like we should pity them for the trouble they got themselves in.

The show is not particularly interesting in terms of social commentary.

The rich raise a bit of money so some poorer families can send their kids to the same privileged school as they can. Because they want their school to be diversified.

In Finland this doesn’t depend on the good will of the rich. Rich and poor kids go to the same schools and these schools are excellent.

Hugh Grant’s character makes a funny remark during the fund raiser.

One of the organizing parents yells: ‘we love our teachers.’

Yeah, but not enough to invite them to the fund raiser.


I love it when hypocrisy gets unmasked.

Rich people will be rich people. Money and moving in upperclass circles will change people. Rich people circle the wagons to protect their own privileged positions. In life today everything is about where your cradle is and about having the right connections.

I don’t know what kind of critic expects drama to be inciting people to spark a social revolution. They don’t exist, I think.

The critics bashing this series for getting comfy with the rich are probably the kind of people who do not give a shit about real progress in doing something about the gaping wealth gap.

They must be people who confuse watching series that give attention to the plight of the poor for real political action.

They need anti-rich series to cover up their own guilt for not doing anything to change the status quo and also because they are envious of the rich.

Am not envious of the rich. I would love them to ditch all their shares in companies that support war or companies that exploit war, I would like them to stop funding establishment politicians like Trump and Joe Biden. But I would looooove to be rich myself. You have so many opportunities then!

So it’s quite pleasant for me to watch the world of the rich unfold for me on screen in the esthetic style of the director of the Undoing.

Plot-wise it’s interesting enough. Am not a very demanding consumer of drama. If it takes me out of my reality for a few hours am quite happy with it.

I guess I don’t expect entertainment to lead the way in clamoring for social change.

I do expect that of politicians, but those fail to deliver.

Probably because there is not enough pressure on politicians.

Instead of truly caring about positive social change we are all sitting at home watching series hoping some decent politician will magically come along to fix everything for us.

How nice it would be if we could combine our escapist habits with our passively slumbering longing for a better world.

Alas, it’s not to be.

After two episodes of the Undoing it even seems like the poor victim was preying on the rich.

Oh no, NOW we are in deep shit. Series are not on the side of the struggling working class!!

If you wanted social change in the US you should have tried to get Bernie president*, not spilling your envy of the rich in a critical review.

I enjoy watching the Undoing as a piece of entertainment it does the trick. Off screen I would love to see the undoing of hypocrite Joe Biden. But I guess people are too comfy to make that happen.

*Bad example. Embarrassing doormat Bernie entirely lacked the balls to ever become president.

PS. The show also won some brownie points when the therapist says something like: ‘Our clients pay us to tell them hard truths and when we do they quit therapy’.