Fox News has done something weird and potentially quite embarrassing.

It was one of the first networks to project a win for Biden in Arizona. Other networks like CNN have still not followed suit.

According to some sources Trump and his team were livid when the traditionally pro-Republican Fox News reporting added Arizona’s 11 points to team Biden. Over at the White House they follow the election on Fox news, since it tends to be the only network that’s not too critical of Trump.

How can this get awkward?

If Georgia goes to Biden then Fox News will have to announce Biden as the winner OR say that their decision on Arizona was premature.

Georgia gets Biden an additional 16 points and by projecting a Biden victory in Arizona Biden will have 280 electoral votes. Ten more than he needs to win the presidency. At least according to Fox news.

So in case Georgia does go to Biden – which can happen any minute now – the most pro-Republican network has manoeuvered itself into the awkward position of having to be the first to pronounce Biden the winner or to admit that they were a bit fast in Arizona.

Even if Biden wins in Georgia other networks will show you 269 electoral votes for a while since unlike Fox News they haven’t declared a winner in Arizona.

Biden is now likely to win in the end, but there is a small chance Fox News will falsely announce Biden as the winner.

CNN has been more careful.