The protesters condemned the attacks and shouted anti-Islam slogans.

RT reports: ‘The rallies came in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks that hit Austria’s capital on November 2. Four people were killed near a synagogue in central Vienna, while 23 more were wounded in shootings across the city. The main suspect, who was killed by police, turned out to be an Austrian citizen identified as Kujtim Fejzulai, who also held a North Macedonian passport and had a previous terror conviction.

The vast majority of muslims condemn these attacks as well. The people doing this are deeply troubled individuals who try to use Islam as an ‘exalted’ excuse to commit atrocities. Not because they are muslims, but because circumstances have set them on a path where they think violence is the only way to give meaning and purpose to their existence.

Blaming Islam for this will be counter-productive.