A Biden presidency will include:

• more money for racist cops

• the largest prison population in the world

• more money for war

• no universal healthcare like they have in every civilized country in the world

• more profit for the insurance companies and the biggest investors

• more deregulation of the financial industry

• more drone strikes to kill brown people

• more coups to control the resources of poor countries

• more fracking

• more phony Obama like platitudes

• more support for Israhell

• absolutely nothing for working people, cause, oops, they conveniently don’t have the senate

• more tough talk on Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, etc and unwavering support for murderous regimes like the one in Saudi-Arabia

• no legalization of marihuana and no end to the mass incarceration that comes along with it

• very likely more kids in cages

The reaction to all this will be a much more capable and much more ideologically astute version of Trump in four to eight years.

Brace yourself.