I listen to German interviews and read German books in a rather fanatical way. That’s because teaching German is an important source of income. And it’s a challenge I enjoy and I have discovered lots of stuff I find very captivating thanks to German.

I think I have listen to the interview with Florian Homm MORE than 10 times so far.

He’s a very rich investor who landed in some hot water years ago and was eventually arrested in Italy. Somehow he managed to get to Germany. Germany does not want to extradite him. So as long as he stays in Germany he is safe.

He’s an extremely driven man, but until quite recently he was only motivated by mathematically calculated profit making. These days he is something like a devout Catholic. He says faith saved his life when imprisoned in Italy.

There are many fascinating utterances in the interview. He emphasizes how easy it is to make lots of money. As someone who’s never made tons of money I do find that very intriguing.

He also talks about his money driven attitude estranged him from his children. In a docu I heard how his daughter doesn’t call him ‘dad’, but ‘big guy’. Florian Homm is 200 cm tall.

I like the way he talks. He’s a good story teller. Of course he will not tell you anything he doesn’t want you to know, but it’s still interesting.

My fascination is of course partly due to the fact I wish I were more like him. I am extremely sensitive, so to listen to someone to whom cold profit seeking calculations come very easily is exciting.

You can find the interview by typing in ‘kenfm florian homm’ on YouTube.