1. There is no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They both do the bidding of the super rich. Obama is a puppet of the rich, just like Trump. Anyone who doesn’t see this gets on my nerves. The difference is a difference in style, in communication, not in substance.

2. People commenting on Facebook… and trying to debate some stranger. This isn’t 2008. We’ve had over a decade to discover that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a debate on social media.

3. Americans not understanding the difference between marxism/communism/socialism and a European style social democracy.

4. People complaining about the sex blogs on this website and unwilling to admit that those are the only blogs they read. Hypocrites.

5. People pretending they doll up ‘for themselves’. Yeah, right.

6. Cars. I hate cars. Am allergic to people who value cars.

7. People who like Winston Churchill.

8. Men who like big breasts. Don’t ask me why but it’s always, ALWAYS a sign of poor political insight.

9. People repeating stuff from opinion pieces they have read in the mainstream news.

10. Last but not least. People not realizing WHY they have their opinions. People always have an emotional, not a factual reason for holding a certain opinion. That’s in part why they can’t be convinced to change their opinion about something when presented with facts proving them wrong. People don’t know why they want to believe certain things and why they don’t believe  other things. So in general: people not knowing themselves and people not knowing that they don’t know themselves is a pet peeve of mine.

11. Any person calling someone else a ‘moron’ or an ‘idiot’. Or people bringing up IQ. Like people claiming political convictions have something to do with IQ. This is of course total bullshit. You can have a very high IQ and have zero political insight. IQ tests do not test if you understand what fascism is or what the characteristics of a stalinist economy are or which politician is a puppet of the bankers. All the Nazis on trial at Nuremburg had an above average IQ. Albert Speer who had an IQ of 128 managed to escape the death sentence through some astonishingly clever manipulative behavior whereas others with an even higher IQ did serious damage to their own case. IQ says very, very little about a person. There are facets to a person that are far more decisive in his decision I making process.

12. People using the word ‘literally’.

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