It will take a hell of a lot of time and effort to convince people that the money spent on the police or the entirely counterproductive ‘war’ on drugs would benefit society way more if it were being spent on social programmes. 

In the mean time we have to understand that people who become cops especially in the US are deeply insecure people who didn’t have their emotional needs met in childhood and carry around a lot of volatile resentment. A lot of cops are wife beaters. They become cops to compensate for insecurities.

The more we ridicule the police force the less attractive this mercenary profession will be. The main task is to protect the rich anyway.

So laugh at them, mock them, spread humiliating jokes about them so people know that becoming a cop WILL NOT get you the respect or power you crave. Let these people do some fucking soul searching before they seek a uniform and a badge. Because those items are seriously dangerous drugs.

Watch hilarious Thin Blue Line series to warm up!


Read what Kurt Cobain put on his guitar before hating cops was cool.

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