Full ownership of a house?

Happy children?

A marital partner?

A job that has more blessings than shitty aspects?

Good health?

A muscled body?

Sex with many different hot looking, exciting partners?

Sex with one person that affects you more than others?

Is it a check list?

To be popular?

To be surrounded by friends? And what is friendship?

Good food every day?

The perfect cup of coffee in the morning?

An 8 mile morning run?

Nice clothes?

Regularly contributing to a cause you believe in?

Helping others?

Living in adventurous settings?

10,000 followers on Instagram?

Winning a war?

Never a dull moment?

Performing at the very limits of your own potential?

Feeling heard? Feeling like you have something to say?

To create art?

Being a part of the traditions that link you to the relatives that went before you and will come after you? A sense of perpetuity?

Bringing about justice in this world?

A few little pleasures every day?

This is the hardest question for me.

There is no clear cause at the moment to which I would want to dedicate my whole life. There are at present no heroes I look up to. (Apart from my short-lived fling with Bernie Sanders).

I enjoy my job. I feel like I have a fairly positive influence in the life of my students, but am not proud of what I do. It’s not exactly a job title that sounds good at receptions, you know.

My life is quite unglamorous and pretty uneventful. I know some people would disagree and say many strange and unusal things happen in my life. (Yesterday I was interviewed by the Belgian televison for example). To me it doesn’t feel that way. It’s possible that nothing that happens now really counts to me, because too many things have happened that are irreversible.

I know what the good life is NOT for me.

It’s not having a hot shot position in some corporate structure.

It’s not having a Porsche or a Ferrari or a BMW.

Am not completely unmaterialistic, but I don’t give two shits about cars.

I do love a very luxurious house or apartment with a view of a body of water and lots of pedestrians in the distance. But that by itself is still not the good life.

Is it a bestseller? Thousands of people telling me every month or so what a great impact I have had on their lives?

It would certainly fix a hole in me. Something I have felt entitled to for a long time and only got in very small quantities. But would it be enough for the good life? It would be more interesting than what is going on now. That’s for sure.

Maybe the good life is living a life that matches the hopes and dreams you had for your life. Or at least the feeling that what you are doing is bringing the realisation of those hopes and dreams closer. Hopeful anticiptation.

Maybe the good life is feeling like one’s life story is truly a story that makes sense. There is a point to it. The main character (you) overcomes obstacles but eventually reaches his goal, as though he was born to reach that goal. Anything else sounds like hell.

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