I do believe in scared people.

I do believe in people who hide behind talking about what they are going to do rather than actually getting off their ass and doing it.

I salute anyone who starts something and keeps it going, even though it’s not perfect from day one. Or even from day 1,500.

There are at the moment 1,339 posts on this website.

Does this website look like I want it to look? Hell no.

Inside me is a voice that is somewhat embarrassed about this website. But if I listened to that voice there would be no website. And given the fact that people I have never met are so kind and generous to from time to time send some financial support I assume sometimes it does mean something to people.

Do I think it’s better than it was three years ago when I decided to just blog and see what happens? Yes, I do think so. Do I often have doubt about whether this is a worthy investment of my time? Hell yes. Why do I keep doing? Because along with Gary Vee I think all the learning is in the DOING. Not in the sitting around and contemplating what you MIGHT do tomorrow.


If you are planning to do something then start TODAY. However amateurish the result may be the victory is in the start. START.

If within a week after reading this you don’t take the first steps executing your plan I do believe you never will. So then it might be time for a different plan. One you do set in motion immediately.

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