Why did she receive death threats for writing this book in the seventies?

Cause she told the truth.

She came with a razor-sharp analysis.

A truth so uncomfortable it makes colon surgery look like relaxation therapy.

She claims that all of society is organized in just a way to enable women to trap men and exploit them for resources.

A relationship usually restricts a man’s freedom in a myriad of ways. Unless his woman doesn’t value his resources enough, if she’s cheating on him with someone else or if she is very subservient, but that’s rarely the case. In most relationships women have managed to let the relationship run the course she prefers. With minor compromises here and there.

Her basic theory is that a woman manages to pretty much enslave a man in return for the ‘periodic use of her vagina’.

And even that is not guaranteed based on all too many stories I hear from men.

Isn’t that a terrible deal?

There is a lot of talk these days about toxic masculinity. There is plenty to go around?

But what about toxic femininity?

Men and women are doomed to make each other miserable.

And it starts with women walking into an ambush with their eyes open. They give up their freedom for the ‘periodic use’ of one vagina.

Is it any wonder she received death threats?

Nothing will trigger a woman’s anger more than a threat to the system we have established. A system fed to us by endless avalanche of books and movies that propagate true love.

In a lot of cases that ‘true love’ is mostly a true love for security, financial stability, status, etc

As any romantically inclined young man will soon discover. Women are only going to fall for romance if their daily comfort is secure or if their situation will be improved. The romance is maybe bonus, but it’s not the priority. Too much romance may even be interpreted as weakness. And we are not a species that has a tolerance for weakness.

Most relationships are – behind the scenes – much more like a business transaction than anything like romance.

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